May Campout at Old Kia Kima

We enjoyed wonderful weather with NO RAIN for a great campout at Old Kia Kima last weekend.  The younger scouts knocked out their Scoutcraft requirements, we had some good meals and a show, and scouts got to canoe on a swollen Spring River.

The Varmint Patrol ate well once again.  Saturday dinner was London broil, mashed potatoes, dutch oven broccoli casserole, warm French bread, and salad.  We really pigged out, to be totally honest.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great weekend.

The Old Kia Kima campground has excellent facilities that are well maintained.  We appreciate the hospitality of Rob Driesel, head volunteer there, and his crew of dedicated scouts.  Maybe our scouts will want to make this an annual campout on the Troop 368 calendar.

And major props to Frank Carney, the Energizer Bunny.  He was doing three or four things simultaneously from first light till after dinner cobblers.  Then about 10pm Saturday he drove back home for a Sunday morning appointment!  We sincerely appreciate Mr. Carney’s tireless work on this trip.

You can view pics from the trip here.

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