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To the Parents:

Your son is embarking on a new adventure. He will need your support, but you have to walk a fine line between encouraging him to do well and actually doing for him. Sometimes a thing not given teaches more than a thing easily gotten. Encourage your son to work hard and commit to working on his ranks and merit badges. Join us as a leader if you have the time and interest. Help out whenever you can to make this a better Troop. In addition, thank you for allowing your son to join us on this great adventure!

How Parents can Help Their Scout Advance

All Ranks

Make sure your son knows what rank he is working on. Encourage your son to take his handbook to every meeting or activity where he might pass something. Familiarize yourself with the requirements, so you know what he should be working on. All rank requirements appear in the handbook Help your Scout study for requirements. Ask him what he plans to get signed off next and when he plans to do it. School activities can count towards advancement. Just check with the Scoutmaster first and get a note from teachers, principals, or coaches to explain what he did to meet the requirement.


Purchase and label the Boy Scout Handbook. Complete the exercises in the pamphlet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse and Drug Abuse" located in the front of the Boy Scout Handbook. Make sure Summer Camp is on your calendar.

Tenderfoot, Second Class, & First Class

Focus on skill development in each rank, NOT merit badges. A Scout can be working on requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class all at the same time. For example, if your son hasn’t completed Tenderfoot yet but there is an Orienteering class, he can still go and pass the First Class orienteering requirement. Make sure your son attends activities so he can pass the requirements. Some requirements, like tying a square knot, can be passed at any time; but some, like service projects, swimming, completing an orienteering course, and cooking meals, are activities best done as a Troop. Make sure Summer Camp is on your calendar.

Star & Life

To help your son complete merit badges, you can help by encouraging him to select a merit badge, call a counselor, and follow through. It’s especially hard for some Scouts to telephone an adult they don’t know; but it is a useful thing to learn to do. Fortunately, most of these counselors are friendly and want to help them advance. Focus on Eagle-required merit badges. Family Life is a required badge that is a great (and easy) beginning badge. The Star and Life ranks start the "giving back" phase of a Scout’s active career. Review the service and leadership requirements and ask what he plans to do.


Continue to encourage Eagle-required merit badges. The Eagle Scout Service Project will be the biggest challenge. Read the project workbook thoroughly to make sure your Scout does everything asked for.

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