BSA Troop 368

Farmington Presbyterian Church
Germantown, Tennessee


To the Scouts

Welcome to the Scouting adventure and the Troop 368 family. Get ready for hard work, exciting times and most of all, fun!  

This is your Troop. How well it functions, what adventures you experience, where you go, and what you do are your choices. Get involved with the Troop leadership. Take pride in your Patrol. Get to be good friends with the other Scouts in the Troop. Help out when needed, and when you have a job assigned, do it well. Work hard to become an Eagle Scout. You can talk to a lot of adults who once had the opportunity to become an Eagle Scout and did not. None of those adults will be glad to that they did not achieve the rank of Eagle and almost all will say that if they knew then what they know now, they would have spent the time and made the commitment to finish. No matter what your rank, remember that the Scout Oath and Law are more than just words we say at Troop meetings. The Scout Oath and Law are ideas Scouts use to guide their actions throughout their lives.

 Preparation Checklist for Troop Meetings

Class A uniform. Everyone will be notified if there is a special    activity which requires something other than the Class A uniform.
Small notebook and a pen or pencil.
Personal calendar.
Boy Scout Handbook.
Any requested and necessary materials for the activities that evening. These materials may include pocket knives, compasses, etc.


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